Artigianato artistico - La Macchina del Tempo - Mauro Baldini

The movements of the Time Machine are determined by the force of falling water. It’s structure in wood and iron and it’s dimensions 2.5x3x1.5 metres. In the water containment tank, a submerged pump recycles the water up and a balance, with a continuous movement, causes it to fall down, generating the driving power which then puts into movement various circular, teethed wooden cogs.

Playing…with time. The Time Machine 2’s structure is in wood and iron and it’s dimensions are 3x3x2 metres. It’s a sophisticated mechanism in which a big wheel causes the water to fall, with elements that function for the collecting and emptying of the water tank, where a submerged pump actions the return of the water back up again.
The Time Machine - Mauro Baldini
The Time Machine 2 - Mauro Baldini
The Time Machine was originally made as scenery for the film “The Demons of St. Petersburg” (Director Guiliano Montaldo), which tells the story of Dostoevsky.

This work received first prize in the show competition Artistic craftsmanship “Forme e Colore della Tuscia” in 2008.
The Time Machine 2 received the same prize in 2009, in the same art competition winning the First Prize amongst the many works proposed.
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