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The reasons why some people choose do-it-yourself construction to build their house are various; on the list is price convenience, because the prices are better than other offers for similar products on the conventional market. Another reason is that do-it-yourself construction permits it’s users to construct individual habitations and buildings for collective purposes with personalized environments. As well, they may be motivated by concern for the environmental impact of the structure and by using ecological materials, have the satisfaction of living an enriching experience.
Do-it-yourself construction applied in the correct manner cannot exclude an initial project and in the execution phase, it might necessitate a more expert person who can guide and assist the do-it-yourself constructors. The role wouldn’t be only technical but also that of an advisor who guides, assists and is capable of integrating him/herself into the working group and participate in the users’ efforts and the shared motivations.
I have well documented experience in the building of eco-compatible houses (wood, straw, etc.). I can offer you both practical and technical consultancies.
Would you like to build your dream house?
I will give you all the support you need so that your dreams come true.
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